"The father-and-son mural survived Russian attack in Bakhmut, eastern Ukraine"

Russians destroyed the building with our mural which the Bakhmuters loved so much. It was like a symbol of a happy and peaceful life for those who lived there, in a small frontline city. 

We remember the year 2020, these murals by our creative team were a miracle. We lived through the pandemic very hard. So, for this project, we invested not only our skills, but also the support and the wish of peace to the city and its people. For us, this work focused on love to our country and people. It was a symbol of what we value the most: love and family. And we spread this feeling of love, as the light, to Bakhmut's people. Many of them became our friends. People did not want to stop on just two murals, we discussed the color of the facade, planned new projects. And that's it, it started. Thank God many left, but remained safe and every day they sent us photos and video: "Look, they are standing, they are protecting us, everything will be fine."
Gradually, the war hit Bakhmut, as the aggressors attacked. The murals became a symbol of the resistance, a miracle of stability, despite all the destruction and ruins taking place in the city. 

I saw the title of the photo in someone's blog. It depicted our murals intact on the backdrop of an almost destroyed city. It said: the power of symbols. Now this is a real and strong symbol, not only for Bakhmut. For Ukrainians, it is a symbol of stability and survival in any situation. It gives hope that we will get our country and our lives back. We believe that this symbol should be in every country. This mural does not only support Ukraine; this is a reminder that the greatest value for each of us is the hand of our loved ones in our hand.