The mural "Saint Javelin" to help rebuild Ukraine

The Holy Javelina project was the first work of the creative group at the beginning of the war. As had been saying earlier, some of us had moved to the city of Cherkasy. This city did not face a full-scale war and has been living a normal peaceful life. 
Once in Kyiv, we were struck by the desolateness of the streets and the unusually small number of cars. But the beauty of the city was captivating:  one only could desire to live, breathe, and create there.

In the work process we had a funny incident. We were photographing our work done earlier, on one of the neighbouring buildings. A person came up to us and said: why are you taking pictures here? Walk a little further, there they draw such a beauty! We received such support from the people of Kyiv, a charge of energy that we have not even count on. This mural was an order from a client. 

Customer: Canadian-Ukrainian brand “Saint Javelin”

Brand mission: Saint Javelin to help rebuild Ukraine.


A brief history of the brand: Christian Borys, a Canadian with Ukrainian roots, created the "Saint Javelin" meme a few weeks before the war and began selling stickers with this image in Canada and the USA with the goal of sending all proceeds to charity aid in Ukraine. A month after the start of the war, he collected more than 1 million dollars. Currently, this amount has exceeded 2 million USD. The brand has already donated funds to the organizations Help Us Help, 2402 and has recently partnered with the Ukrainian World Congress  and United24 to purchase drones for the military. Saint Javelin has also started producing some of its merch in Ukraine.


What's the significance of the mural?
Saint Javelin also wants to invest in the cultural capital of Ukraine, because it is an integral part of Ukraine being a strong sovereign state. The image of Saint Javelina has already become a symbol of resilience of the Ukrainian people. That is why we wanted to engrave this symbol in the capital of Ukraine hoping to raise the national spirit of the residents of Kyiv.


Size of Mural:  Width 10m, height 20 meters, area is approximately 200 sq.m. The project started on May,18th and ended on May, 24th, 2022